Privacy Policy

Hello! Thank you for visiting our website Hopefully, you can enjoy in using it. But before you do that, it is better to learn about the privacy policy available here. This policy will help to guide you in applying the site appropriately. You must note that once you have used it, it means you have agreed to the terms and policy that we have arranged. Hence, make sure that you read and learn them properly. By that, we can avoid unnecessary misunderstanding that might happen later in the future. So, without further ado, here are the policy and terms of our site you must follow.

Privacy Policy of Our Website

The first policy we will talk about is the information. In using this website, there will be some information required from you. They can be as IP address, operating system, entry pages (it is a page that refers you to us), location, and much more.

We do not collect any personal information that can be very sensitive. For example, we do not ask you to tell us your home address, bank account, phone number, or other private things.

Once you have used our site, the information you share with us will be automatically collected and saved. But, there is no need for you to get alarmed about it. We will use it with respect.

The reason why we collect such information is that we want to use it for traffic analysis. We will analyze user traffic related to any activities toward this site like clicking CTA button, closing a page, signing up, or else. Through this analysis, we can provide you a better service to you. As a result, you will get a better user experience as well.

Personal Information

Previously, we said that we do not collect any personal information. However, sometimes we may need some certain ones from you and other users. The type of info we may ask here is like identifier information.

We can only get this information via email. For example, when you want to sign up with your email, there will be a form you need to fill. That form includes your name and email address. We need that type of info so we can make your account and inform you about the updated news of our site. Moreover, it also enables you to get more access to our website.


We highly value the security of our users. We will protect every information you provide to us carefully. Furthermore, we are the only one who owns and has access to them. We do not share, leak, or even sell them to another person, third party, business, or any kinds of entities. However, such activity may be necessarily required so we can serve you even better.

Those are all the privacy policy you need to follow in using our website Please keep in mind that it can be changed in the future without any notices. Thus, you must keep checking on the policy and terms whenever you are using the site.

Privacy Policy
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